Sunday, May 31, 2015


this week on CBS THIS MORNING SATURDAY the new chef from the 21 CLUB . ..CHEF SYLVAIN DELPIQUE......brought his new take on the old standards at the 21 CLUB IN NYC.... was amazing and hooked me up with the most  delicious duck breast... my local market carries them but if yours does not just pop on their website and you can order them there....and the quality is always the best ..... forgive my photos ( I am the worst but I try)  ....and of course the cooper pan was full of lobster mashed potatoes au gratin .... the cheese cake .....more like a tart and with the most amazing lemon flavor .... just the right amount of sweet and the recipe should work just fine for all skill levels just make sure all ingredients are at room temperature ....that way they combine and no lumps, air pockets or cracks... and allow it to cool at room temperature for about and hour before you refrigerate.... 


Wednesday, May 27, 2015


now I know where to get GREEN EGGS AND HAM... had the pleasure of a few days off and went to Seattle.... Pike's Market is not to be missed and should be a destination for everyone.. if you get the chance to go make it in the morning... beautiful displays and the later in the day the more crowded it gets....PS wish I had those beautiful cherries for my job this week..... .

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


each week I work with some of the best chefs this country has to offer and the interviews are interesting ...  getting to know things about our chefs and the road they took to get where they are... for a food stylist it is sometimes exciting to see what they will pick out as their favorite "DISH" and to bring it to the world on TV....this show I have the pleasure of working on each week won

Television Segment

CBS This Morning’s “The Dish” ...

Host: Anthony Mason and Vinita Nair

Producers: Brian Applegate, Greg Mirman, and Marci Waldman

Airs on: CBS


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nduja from Calabria and Montclair NJ

this week I had need for NDUJA . an Italian meat spread from Calabria....
it was in a recipe for 

and as always finding some of ingredients can be an adventure... some days the adventures are a true joy and this week was that  ...... I got to meet Rosario .... he owns a shop in Montclair New Jersey ....It was like traveling to Calabria for the small price of a quarter in a parking meter in New Jersey.... such amazing flavor when he gave me a slice of bread and his store made  Nduja.... it was just the right spicy and wonderful...

it is a good day when you learn something new and meet someone so interesting...if you are every in Montclair you must check out his shop  ... it was so much fun watching him pick out the best nduja for my project .....testing each one until he found the perfect one just for me ... he was so proud of his Nduja and rightfully so ...  and yes I am a bad photographer

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Will still post here but also new things will show up on my facebook page MARIE HAYCOX-FOOD STYLIST   if you are interested   thanks for reading


Wednesday, February 4, 2015


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Marie Haycox - Food Stylist  ... if you are interested please enjoy

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


before Christmas I taped this segment for The Better Show and Taste of Home .........the snowman cupcakes we so cute  and really easy to make great for kids   .... good for these really cold days.....
 and the one pot dinner was a hit with the crew ...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jamie Bissonnette serves Paella Valenciana on THE Dish

This week's job used some really interesting products ... look for them...... they will change your recipes for the better

the pretty blue bottle is actually olive oil used on the salad  an arbequena varietal extra virgin olive oil ... you will find it has a smoke flavor

this salad also has white anchovies ( milder in taste ) and Marcona almonds from Spain

the Paella Valenciana was made with a good Spanish chorizo  ... there are many kinds.... so read the labels .....there are several to choose from and some are picante ( spicy) and some are milder...... so choose the one best suited for you  ......also some recipes call for fresh, you will find this at a good butcher
just because it is yummy..... Flatiron Steak with Romesco  this recipe used the almonds as well .......