Wednesday, March 21, 2012


last fall i went to a chicken swap ... who knew.....i had never heard of one.. ...but now that i knew.. i had to go .....and i cannot wait until they start again this spring....not only do they have chickens and other critters, they can have a wonderful assortment of products from the farm .......also plants and garden items  ...and while you are in the neighborhood......  you can even check out the tractor supply store or southern states ( these are great places for garden and pet products)  ........ 

my friend who raises these beautiful birds would not lets us have one to swap ....but we went anyway and had a blast .... check out your local swaps ( just google chicken swap )  and even if you do not want chickens....  it is a great adventure ....and take pictures for the naysayers that will not believe you went on such an adventure.. and they will be jealous that you did not invite them long as there are chicken swaps...... life will not be boring

Monday, March 19, 2012


   i toured a cruise ship kitchen a week and half ago and it was very interesting..... i got a preview of my dinner menu early ....right off the wall.... the language of the kitchen is english but because there are so many nationalities there is a picture of everything ...that way the chefs cook the right thing .....and the waiters pick up the right thing .......and every dish looks the same ... for people who know me this makes my heart sing.... everything labeled with pictures and sealed in plastic.... food stylist tend to be hyper organized....
because they only take on food once a week the whole week can be planned ahead of time

i also noticed that during service very little dish dropping  and you did not hear the breaking of plates or glasses in the service station ......i was told that no one gets charged with breakage but they all know how much it costs.... everyone is watching their bottom line
even the dessert pantry had cards

and everything was spotless.......not sure i would want to work here in high seas.... but this kitchen ran very smoothly from what i saw

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I was shopping for a job and went to the farmers market  to try to find barely in season vegetables... while i was there i went to check out the animals that they keep for the kids ( the human variety...because after all we are talking about goats) and the first big thing of the day that i encountered were two very almost ready to pop pregnant goats ... they made me giggle and were a sure sign that spring is on its way...

next i went to bj's warehouse to get rack of lamb ( when you need a lot they have a great price and a great product and i needed 3#)  and i found the most unusual new item .... i guess it was a parking spot holder ...because we all know how hard it is to find a spot at the bj's..... my only question is how do you carry it around .....and does it come by the pound or by the piece ........and does it have a bar code 


what you do not have a ladder in your kitchen???

this morning darina allen was on the dish and she was amazing .... loved her , her culinary skills are over the top and she is great on TV... but it is a testament to her food when the anchors keep  the stew from the crew during sign off.....  just off camera so that there would be some left for them to enjoy..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


i was just on the lovely and warm island of St Maarten and i love the fact that they have true free range chickens ... they just stroll around and chase lizards and i guess they know where they live but no one seems to be concerned and i loved it ... true free to range where ever they please ... my kind of place

Monday, March 12, 2012


Love this photographer and had a great time shooting this clients product line and now it is the grocery ....