Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jamie Bissonnette serves Paella Valenciana on THE Dish

This week's job used some really interesting products ... look for them...... they will change your recipes for the better    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/jamie-bissonnette-serves-paella-on-the-dish/

the pretty blue bottle is actually olive oil used on the salad  an arbequena varietal extra virgin olive oil ... you will find it has a smoke flavor

this salad also has white anchovies ( milder in taste ) and Marcona almonds from Spain

the Paella Valenciana was made with a good Spanish chorizo  ... there are many kinds.... so read the labels .....there are several to choose from and some are picante ( spicy) and some are milder...... so choose the one best suited for you  ......also some recipes call for fresh, you will find this at a good butcher
just because it is yummy..... Flatiron Steak with Romesco  this recipe used the almonds as well .......

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