Sunday, May 31, 2015


this week on CBS THIS MORNING SATURDAY the new chef from the 21 CLUB . ..CHEF SYLVAIN DELPIQUE......brought his new take on the old standards at the 21 CLUB IN NYC.... was amazing and hooked me up with the most  delicious duck breast... my local market carries them but if yours does not just pop on their website and you can order them there....and the quality is always the best ..... forgive my photos ( I am the worst but I try)  ....and of course the cooper pan was full of lobster mashed potatoes au gratin .... the cheese cake .....more like a tart and with the most amazing lemon flavor .... just the right amount of sweet and the recipe should work just fine for all skill levels just make sure all ingredients are at room temperature ....that way they combine and no lumps, air pockets or cracks... and allow it to cool at room temperature for about and hour before you refrigerate.... 


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