Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nduja from Calabria and Montclair NJ

this week I had need for NDUJA . an Italian meat spread from Calabria....
it was in a recipe for 

and as always finding some of ingredients can be an adventure... some days the adventures are a true joy and this week was that  ...... I got to meet Rosario .... he owns a shop in Montclair New Jersey ....It was like traveling to Calabria for the small price of a quarter in a parking meter in New Jersey.... such amazing flavor when he gave me a slice of bread and his store made  Nduja.... it was just the right spicy and wonderful...

it is a good day when you learn something new and meet someone so interesting...if you are every in Montclair you must check out his shop  ... it was so much fun watching him pick out the best nduja for my project .....testing each one until he found the perfect one just for me ... he was so proud of his Nduja and rightfully so ...  and yes I am a bad photographer

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