Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was at the bon appetit pop up cafe for "fashion week"  in NYC at the Lincoln Center yesterday ( styling a live remote for GDNY ) and the food was amazing.... i do not know if models eat but if you are a real person it is well worth the trip .... this week only ....and the venue is larger than past years so it is not as crowded  "BON APPETIT"  ........this  John DeLucie's Cauliflower Soup with Wild Mushrooms and it was amazing

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i went to the farmers market to get wild mushrooms for my monday project .... Good Day New York and the Bon Appetit Pop Up Cafe at Lincoln Center  ( the new home for Fashion Week ) ......... and look what i found ... they are beautiful and fashionable ... but they let me know the days are getting shorter and the leaves will be turning soon ... i am hanging on to the last days of summer as long as i can ..... i think i will go get a wild berry smoothie and pretend it is a beach day

Friday, September 10, 2010


I admit i was in a remote part of upstate new york but i questioned my GPS when it sent me here ....
but i went thru and got where i needed to go

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i was upstate again....a pass time for the city folk in the summer.....there are some beautiful areas in New York state that have nothing to do with NYC and should be experienced... one such experience is man made... and for a food person is the grocery... i was at wegmans ... ( the wholly grail of upstate food shopping ) and the things i saw...oh my...... first off the store goes on and on and on and on ... as wide and deep as a city block... and the products......oh my... the deli section is as large as some of the entire stores i shop in at home ... i was amazed not only do they have products i have never seen before and selection that is overwhelming but they sell things like suitcases and patio furniture ... and just a hint for those people who are not experienced at grocery shopping upstate ( it is a skill) ....when you arrive you select a meeting point ..... near the lottery machines or the " grab and go case" but never the bakery... that can be dangerous if you have to wait to long..... you will have muffins , bagels, breads, pizzas, cakes, pies, cookies, pastries .. oh my ... you get the point....all this so you do not have to be one of "those people" who have to get customer service to announce that you have lost a member of your group...... and can they come to the front of the store ( first time shoppers..... how embarrassing ) ....