Monday, April 21, 2014

Wonder Bread and NASCAR on the FOX plaza


Kurt Busch and Wonder bread on the plaza last fall...  a roll out in New York city to bring Wonder back on the market... it was quite a large set with balloon, race car , Kurt Busch, food, and my right hand woman laughing at me as the sun came up over our set... and yes just a short time this went from a sidewalk to a Wonder Bread fiesta .....and just as quickly as it went up..... it disappeared.... and the commuters got off the subway none the wiser ... TV magic  .... and as anyone who knows me... I do not like to get caught on camera that early in the morning ( when you get up at 4 am you are not always a fashionable as you should be ) but if you check the Wonder Bread facebook page I got caught in the background and they have posted more pics from that week

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