Tuesday, April 22, 2014


it has been a long winter in NYC and spring has been very cold and slow coming ....... most weeks after I leave CBS.... I stop and get a beverage at the corner deli for the ride home ... and just so you know it is 10 am in the morning ... but the other morning it was cold I was wearing a coat and scarf....... and this man in his bathrobe and flip flops sporting  a lovely BEDHEAD hairdo was getting coffee and breakfast for 2 ...  not sure what he had on other than the robe  ( come on you didn't have a pair of sweat pants laying somewhere on the floor) ... I had to take this pic on the down low because the 3 other people and myself in line were about to burst out laughing  and in fact we did as soon as he left..... OMG that is TMI  sometimes it is true ...only in NYC

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