Monday, March 19, 2012


   i toured a cruise ship kitchen a week and half ago and it was very interesting..... i got a preview of my dinner menu early ....right off the wall.... the language of the kitchen is english but because there are so many nationalities there is a picture of everything ...that way the chefs cook the right thing .....and the waiters pick up the right thing .......and every dish looks the same ... for people who know me this makes my heart sing.... everything labeled with pictures and sealed in plastic.... food stylist tend to be hyper organized....
because they only take on food once a week the whole week can be planned ahead of time

i also noticed that during service very little dish dropping  and you did not hear the breaking of plates or glasses in the service station ......i was told that no one gets charged with breakage but they all know how much it costs.... everyone is watching their bottom line
even the dessert pantry had cards

and everything was spotless.......not sure i would want to work here in high seas.... but this kitchen ran very smoothly from what i saw

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