Wednesday, March 21, 2012


last fall i went to a chicken swap ... who knew.....i had never heard of one.. ...but now that i knew.. i had to go .....and i cannot wait until they start again this spring....not only do they have chickens and other critters, they can have a wonderful assortment of products from the farm .......also plants and garden items  ...and while you are in the neighborhood......  you can even check out the tractor supply store or southern states ( these are great places for garden and pet products)  ........ 

my friend who raises these beautiful birds would not lets us have one to swap ....but we went anyway and had a blast .... check out your local swaps ( just google chicken swap )  and even if you do not want chickens....  it is a great adventure ....and take pictures for the naysayers that will not believe you went on such an adventure.. and they will be jealous that you did not invite them long as there are chicken swaps...... life will not be boring

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