Tuesday, August 9, 2011


one very early morning i woke up to a SMT ( satellite media tour) on a roof top in china town... the talent was a true delight.... the product was great ..... the location and the crew were amazing .....but it came with smell-o-vision.... on the ground floor of the building was a Chinese restaurant ( i was in Chinatown after all.... i should have known) ....and even though i am a fan of Chinese food.... and the food in NYC's Chinatown is some of the best in the world  ... after 6 hours of frying egg roll smell  in 100 degree heat in the shade    ..... well need i say more ....... some days it may look glamorous on TV but it can try my patience and i am sure i can be trying as well.... even so.... i still love my job and let's just say we are having pizza for dinner

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