Tuesday, April 5, 2011


yes you can be glamorous and cook... the new Glamour cookbook has proved this..... and it is a great book for women who need to dip their toe in the cookbook pool .... there is a certain glamorous girl in las vegas whom i know from personal experience carries everything a girl would need in her car...... either because she never knows what life will bring her next and she wants to be prepared .....or just because she is running late ... i saw this recipe and it made me think of her.... "MAKE IT IN THE CAR ARTICHOKE DIP" ... if this sounds like someone you know ....this cookbook is for you ..

i was working on this book at the conde nast test kitchens and it is featured on NBC " THE TODAY SHOW " today and if you missed it i am sure you can see it online.... great fun hope you enjoy it as much as i did

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