Thursday, October 18, 2012


one of the many things i do is a broadcast called a satellite media tour...
20 stations...20 interviews ......all over the country in 4 hours.... this week Red Lobster rolled out a new menu and i have to say ..... it was not your old Red Lobster.... the challenges included early mornings, 4 hours of broadcast time and no prep kitchen.... but i had a great team from Red Lobster and that made it go smoothly .... think camping inside....... so the notion that being a food stylist is glamorous, comes to a end ... but i would not trade my job..... just a few pics from behind the scenes.......this all made me think of my assistant Kelly and her love for cheddar bay biscuits ... and yes they still have them !!!  Kelly has gone on to be a  successful portrait and tabletop photographer... but i will always think of her when i see the cheddar bay....
check out the finished project on you tube


    and if the tour is going to last 4 hours .....don't forget the fake ice 

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