Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Not only are the Lee brothers talented chefs and cookbook authors ..... they are the some of the nicest people you could meet... congrat to them .... the International Association of Culinary Professionals named "Simple, Fresh, Southern" best American cookbook of the year.....
and their menu for chef on a shoestring was a summer favorite for me  ... but when they told me they were going to serve blackened potato salad ... bells went off in my head   OMG..... any chef that lived during the 1980's ( boy that dates me ) .....the fashion was awful, the hair styles were ridiculous and every restaurant patron wanted everything blackened .....so smoking cast iron skillets choked many a chef until the word "blackened " made your skin crawl........ BUT i am now a convert the blackened potato salad was the bomb.... look it up on the CBS site and give it a try ... and if you can... cook it in the skillet or flat top on the grill but do not let the skillet overheat it  could cause a grease fire .... blackened -good... on fire -very bad... but that will keep the smoke outside.....  and can i just say    YUMMY 

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