Monday, July 5, 2010

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY - as i drove upstate to have a swim in the pool and a bbq for the fourth..... i came around a curve getting into town and one of the first things i see is the hardware store and they have a sign out front that always advertises the newest and best ... for several years it has been "bear proof garbage cans".... it always makes me pause (really ...we need bear proof garbage cans??? ) ... but this year they advertised "bear proof garbage cans on wheels" .. all i could think of bears jumping for joy..... "snack wagons on wheels" .... i could see them pushing the cans like baby carriages off to a more private place to break the code and get the goodies .....

but on to my favorite bbq treat ... a friend of mine....he always makes cucumber salad and let me tell you it is the best i have ever put in my mouth.. ....i dream of those yummy summer morsels of crunchy goodness.... and i would give you the recipe ....but i have yet to figure out the secret family ingredients .... ( those family recipes can be the best and yummiest ) ... be it as it may ... i do not mind this at all because it gives us a great excuse to have another bbq and enjoy them again another day .....happy 4th

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